Have you ever felt like there was a weight on your chest and with every breath you get weaker and the weight just gets more and more unbearable until you just don’t even want to breathe anymore? Until you can barely move because all of your energy is being focused on those breaths that you don’t even want to take anymore and suddenly you’re convincing yourself to just keep breathing, yet you can’t seem to come up with any reasons why.
The number of friends she has won’t matter,
She remains a stranger trapped in her walls,
Look her in the eyes you’ll see her soul’s shattered.
In her mind she fights a relentless brawl,
Between the monsters she hides and her life.
Everyday her demons just get stronger,
And all she can feel is her endless strife.
She doesn’t think she can take it much longer,
She has no choice but to just keep fighting,
They won’t win till she takes her final breath,
Her own pathway through hell she is lighting
Following closely behind her is death.
So she will keep moving forward hoping
She can escape the evil approaching.